Monday, October 14, 2013

Jill & Jim's 50th Anniversary

On August 31 it my was good friend's 50th wedding anniversary.  Our friend Kathi and I planned a nice dinner for them and made an explosion box.  Designing it was a little difficult because we wanted it to have some pink roses, but not too frilly since it was a gift for both husband and wife.  The following pics shows what we made.

Outside with Lid

All the layers and pockets.

A better view of all the layers and pockets.

This view shows the trellis we made.

The trellis was made with paper.  The ends are glued to a piece of acetate bent upwards. The flowers were ribbon roses cut off the stems.  The greens are some punches and Cheery Lynn dies and there are beads on a string like you would find in a bouquet.  On top of the trellis are 2 rosettes fanned out and glued back to back with dove brads.
The bells were from a ribbon we tied and glued under the rosettes.  The heart shaped 50 was punched and strung on fishing line so it looks like it is floating.  I forget the name brand of the floor of the trellis.  It's little tiny stones in clear glue.  You spread it on with a knife and let it dry over night.  Really neat effect.


  1. This still amazes me, and I can't image all the time that went into making this special gift for me. I'm the fortunate person that gets to have it sitting in their home for ALL to see (and Yes, I show it alot!!!

  2. Talk about explosive...that blows me away. I'm sure that took days. It speaks to your devote the time and detail to create such a heart warming gift.
    Love the it all really. I see you're introducing new followers...nice. Are you local to Collegeville?

  3.'s Jill that's introducing new followers. I think I'll do the same.